I'm not a shipper. I just see the truth beyond the line.

I'm Ash, a.k.a. Hazel.
Yes, I do love card.
alter souls

"Let me tell you a secret: I never went to the beach (I hope I will soon :P) What do you like to do at the beach? I watch hetero romance. There are so many shows and dramas I want to watch that I'm pretty sad I don't have enough time to do so. From Shinee I watched Shinee's hello baby. I liked it ^_^ I didn't watch what you watched but they seem interesting. Actually, I read about Guerrilla date after I saw your message and I really really want to watch it. How are the other ones? ^-^"

I love the big wind and the waves, but hate the crowd. Wish I got my own private beach lol. I can swim but don’t really dare to swim in the sea, so i usually just walk or sit on the sand.

I haven’t watched anything new recently.  Shinee’s one fine day is a variety-documentary (whatever u call it XD) abt  their trip to some different places. Then there’s 1 eps of 2pm’s idol army, featuring Shinee. Such a gayish episode.

unfortunately some of my fave vids had been deleted from yt. There are some other shows that i wanna watch but i can’t find them anymore :(

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140418 : Taemin & Jongin spotted on the street

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Taemin and his pretty long hair щ(ಥДಥщ)

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"I like to talk with you again ^-^ After a couple of weeks full of study now I'm enjoying my spring holiday. You, how have you been? :) Yes, I like your tumblr *_* I have to say I saved some gifs from you. Yey! What shows do you watch? Running man? We got married? Hello counselor? Do you watch this season of Global We got married with Key and Heechul? =^_^="

i’m craving to go to a beach haha
i don’t watch the love-based ones (like WGM). I pretty much only watched the Shinee-related ones (and a few others), and most of them are the old stuffs. Like shinee’s one fine day, weekly idol, guerrilla date or any other variety featuring Shinee. Well, except wgm. I just can’t watch hetero romance in general.
what about you :D?

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taemin back hugging jinki. (˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c)

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"Hi Ash! ^-^ I'm Aoi. How have you been? :P I looked on your tumblr. I like it ^_^ Do you watch korean TV shows?"

hi Aoi! How r u doin’, girl?

I only watch the ones that I can find in youtube XD. You like my tumblr? Thank you <3. This place is a bunch of insanities tho ;)

Oh, and it’s nice to see you again here :D


Tae LA Kpop Festival rehearsal~

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